Ramamehr Arya

Rama Mehr Arya Food Industrial (Pvt. Co, Reg 8252)

Rama Mehr Arya Co. is a large producer of puffy corn and popcorn with LUCY Brand .
Modern European equipment, technical knowledge of specialists, international standards including HACCP, ISO 2200/2005,ISO 9001-2008 has helped us to compete in exporting the products to other countries in a considerable volume. The sanitary and quality controls on ingredients and careful attention to production process have led to customer's trust and satisfaction .
In order to develop our exporting markets, we have achieved the international SGS,French B.V, E.S.A and Halal certificates .
Production process is performed by latest modern European machinery and under the most developed management systems.
The production line is full automatic and is equipped with PLC controls, Packing and storing the products are quite mechanized.
The quality control unit in the factory investigates and cares the sanitary and health feature of the product using the modern equipment under the highest international laboratory management ISO 17025.